About Us

The Schröter Höhentechnik GmbH was founded in July 2000 and is specialized in the execution of installation and inspection work in great heights and workplaces that are difficult to scaffold. Since then, we have successfully completed over 200.000 accident-free hours of work in great heights in our customers technical facilities (chemical industry, petrochemical industry, steel manufacturing industry).

Every task of a new project is executed with the help of rope access techniques, special constructions and suspended access equipment. The consistent use of these techniques and our ability to provide complete service packages reduce the stress of our customer’s resources and their costs for scaffolding and cranes considerably.

Our particular focus of attention lies upon safety at work: The usage of certified equipment which is inspected on a regular basis as well as the deployment of employees with all occupational health examinations (G41 and G26III) is obligatory for us.